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Tyrel Bryan, Ph.D.

Research Scientist II

B.Sc. Chemistry, 2014, UNM

Ph.D. Biochemistry, 2014, UNM



Bryan, T., González, J. M., Bacik, J. P., DeNunzio, N. J., Unkefer, C. J., Schrader, T. E., ... & Fisher, S. Z. (2013). Neutron diffraction studies towards deciphering the protonation state of catalytic residues in the bacterial KDN9P phosphatase. Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications, 69(9), 1015-1019.


Chen, D., Wu, R., Bryan, T. L., & Dunaway-Mariano, D. (2009). In vitro kinetic analysis of substrate specificity in enterobactin biosynthetic lower pathway enzymes provides insight into the biochemical function of the hot dog-fold thioesterase EntH. Biochemistry, 48(3), 511-513.

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